Every Saratthi is trained and equipped to make sure you, your family and your car are taken care of well. You may require a female Saratthi for your children to be dropped to school or picked from school, elders to be taken special care on journey, or even for customers who are women – Saratthi is available for all possible scenarios for children, elders and women. Female Saratthis’ are the only ones that are allowed to end service from their side without any penalty.

They carry varied experience before they join Saratthi between 5 and 20 years. They qualify to receive our offer after a practical test of their services. The practical test is to assess their driving skills and their proficiency on transmissions. Every car has different operating systems and we ensure that the method to familiarize themselves to every car is transferred to the drivers’. Their road-sense, awareness and practice of traffic rules, their licenses are all checked before we hand them over to our customers. Only when they show proficiency in driving do we put forward an offer.