Your Car. Our Driver
The Saratthi Way

The New Way of Urban Mobility.
Enjoy your journey with us!

Expert Drivers'

Saratthis' have 5 to 20 Years of driving expertise in Automatic and Manual.

EQ Driven

Saratthis' are well spoken, dressed in uniform and hygienic.

Drivers' 24/7

Saratthis' services are seamlessly available round the clock.

Drivers' Background


Saratthis’ undergo a rigorous background check before they are recruited. Saratthis’ are verified based on their level of handling cars. They may come from humble beginnings, but they are cordial and well trained by us. The training Saratthis’ undergo are to ensure you have a respectful, reliable, right, responsive and rich experience with us.

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We primarily ensure

THE 5R’s

  • Respectfulness: Saratthis’ are polite and believe customers come first.
  • Reliability: Saratthis’ can be counted on in all situations.
  • Rightness: Saratthis’ do what is correct rather than what is easy.
  • Responsiveness: Saratthis’ are not reactive, they are proactive.
  • Richness: Saratthis’ are abundant in care and share the emotions of their customers.







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Every Saratthi is trained and equipped to make sure you, your family and your car are taken care of well. You may require a female Saratthi for your children to be dropped to school or picked from school, elders to be taken special care on journey, or even for customers who are women – Saratthi is available for all possible scenarios for children, elders and women. Female Saratthi’s are the only ones that are allowed to end service from their side without any penalty.



Project Prithvi was envisioned in light of global warming and the constraint of carbon emission through existing vehicles. We understand that existing vehicles cannot be done away with easily, hence we support not just our mission but also the customer by reaching the customer of an electric bike within a few minutes, to drive the customer in the comfort of their car.

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"I have used Saratthis' services and believe it to be perfect for senior citizens who require to get themselves around.
Dr. Andrews
5 Hours Round Travel
"Saratthis' has provided excellent service. I found my journey smooth. They have reliable Drivers' that care for customers."
Ms. Pooja
Point to Point Travel
"Saratthis' is an edge above the rest. Great service and driven by good values. They follow the rules, fulfill requirements.
Mr. Subhash
2 Hours Round Travel